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About us

At the root of our organization are people of good will by helping others get moral satisfaction from their work. We started working in 2006 as a club of volunteers. Then our team of enthusiasts organized the Foundation for the Children "Children of the Earth." This event allowed us to help sick kids better and more professionally. During this time, we were able to help many sick children to hospitals, child care centers. On the background of sharp contrasts, prevailing in a society can not be indifferent to other people, because we live in a society, and this means that we must not only take but also to donate only if our society would be complete. In addition, the Fund may be called two-way: we try to promote not only the needy but also those people who are prepared to provide this assistance. When making charitable assistance will cease to be strange and confusing procedure and will become a simple and pleasant action, it will be possible to say that we will not knowingly do business. Our foundation has started to develop in regions of Russia, but it turns out that effectively engage in charity and really help seriously ill children more effectively in the capital. So now we polnomashtabnaya social organization of the Russian level. We have a mass of volunteer helpers in many regions of Russia.

purpose of the Fund is to implement charitable activities aimed at promoting activities in the prevention and treatment of cancer and other serious diseases in children.

Foundation's main tasks:

  • attract sponsorship and charitable assistance from organizations and individuals, both within Russia and abroad;
  • facilitate the development and implementation of non-profit projects, health programs;
  • provide charitable assistance for health in accordance with the main objective of the fund;
  • promote a broad network of medical organizations and institutions;
  • development interventions for the prevention of cancer and other serious diseases in children and promote their use;
  • assist in the acquisition of medical facilities for advanced medical and biological technologies, devices that promote children's health;
  • facilitate the organization of refresher training of doctors and nurses;
  • facilitate the organization of therapeutic and diagnostic care to seriously ill children, children with disabilities and their families;
  • fundraising;
  • contribute to the prevention, protection, rehabilitation of child health, promoting healthy lifestyles and improving the moral and psychological climate in society;
  • improving the image of business entities that provide charitable assistance.

Our Foundation - an initiative which aims to unite different people to help those who need it most - the sick children, children from orphanages and shelters. We have the power and willingness to help. Be useful. We want to give childhood. We're trying to do anything to these little people do not suffer further in life a grudge against the big world, threw them on the roadside at the beginning of life. And most importantly, we are professionals and know what to do!

problem Fund - to use energy and opportunities for business, politics, influential people, ordinary citizens to organize care for those who are in need. Our relief fund for sick children is designed specifically to seriously ill children have a chance to recover - an opportunity that will help them to live fully, to get the opportunity to grow, develop, to live among us, bringing joy to their families and benefiting society.
Charitable activities - an opportunity for children to receive financial support to pay for expensive treatment, it is - an opportunity for adults to express their willingness to matter for empathy; is a chance for a strong spirit of families in overcoming children's illness, it is a chance for all of us in the realization of themselves as philanthropists. When touching the lives of people with a tragic fate, really want to pick up special words to express even a modicum condition and feelings of children and parents.
Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" is trying to help the sick kiddies, who have a hard time. Someone you would not have been: businessmen or ordinary people who want to help - please help the children respond with heart and soul! However, to do good is much easier!