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Collected donations for treatment of Gleb Poluektov

Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» has collected 129,600 rubles for the treatment of Gleb. We thank all sponsors for their help and support.


Child has hearing loss of the 4th degree

Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» asks for help paying for the treatment of Alexey Natynka. The child has serious hearing problems. Necessary treatment costs 165,000 rubles. Help the sick child!


Collected donations for treatment of Ivan Bezimyannikh

Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» has paid the cost of treatment of Ivan. The amount collected is 80,000 rubles. Thanks to all the sponsors for your help! We wish the boy speedy recovery.


Help Ivan from Lipetsk

Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» opens the collection of donations to pay for treatment Ivan Bezimyannikh. The child has cerebral palsy and autism. Treatment costs 80,000 rubles. Help a sick child overcome his disease!


Funds for Yana Strebuleva have been collected

\Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» has paid for the consumables for Yana’s insulin pump. Thanks to our supporters for their help.


Paid for treatment of Zhenya Goncharova

Charitable Foundation «Children of Earth» has paid for treatment of a sick child. We wish to thank Vitaly Smirnov for his help.


Help Artem Aleshin

Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» asks to help a sick child. Artem suffers from a complex congenital disease. The latest course of treatment requres 107,260 rubles. Help the child!


Help Gleb Poluektov from the Moscow region

Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» asks to help a sick child. Required amount is 129,600 rubles. More information on the Gleb’s page.


Collecting donations for Aliya Fatkullova

Charitable Foundation for sick children «Children of Earth» begins collecting donations to pay for treatment of a sick child. The amount to collect is 114,000 rubles. Help the girl overcome her disease!


Zhenya Goncharova needs your help

Charitable Foundation for sick children «Children of Earth» asks for help in the treatment of Zhenya Goncharova from the Volgograd region. The child has a complex congenital disease that requires long-term treatment. Help Zhenya overcome his disease and start walking!

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Give children a chance

Today not many can afford to pay for treatment needed by seriously ill children. To help children whose parents are unable to pay for treatment, and children from orphanages, there are charities. The Children of Earth Foundation provides assistance to orphanages, hospitals and individual sick children who need expensive treatment. The purpose of our foundation is charity activities aimed at prevention and treatment of cancer and many other serious childhood diseases. During our existence, we have saved the lives of many children, gave them and their parents the joy of recovery from illnesses, something they could not achieve alone.

Charitable Foundation «Children of Earth» is located in Moscow, but our volunteers are working in different regions of Russia, helping us to help children. We involve the sponsoring organizations and individuals in the Russian Federation and abroad, bring people to help children in orphanages. We call for the cooperation of the business structure, politicians and influential people, as well as ordinary citizens — anyone who can make a strong contribution for sick children. With your and our help, they will have a chance to recover, live and develop, to be with their parents, and be useful to society.

We Our foundation is engaging in nonprofit projects and programs in the field of health. We participated in the development of programs to prevent cancer and other diseases in children, helprf healthcare institutions in the purchase of the latest technology and modern equipment. Our foundation conducts charitable activities that promote healthy lifestyles, and also helps to improve the image of business organizations that provide assistance to orphans.

Pursuing a charity, a person gets a huge return in the form of children’s smiles, thanking parents and teachers, a warm and good feeling being looking at a recovering child.