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Igor Slepov

Igor Slepov

Age, from: 10, Ryazan

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy

From a mom’s letter. My husband and I are raising two disabled sons who have suffered from cerebral palsy since childhood. Throughout our life we ​​have been fighting the ailment of our children, trying to avoid the terrible consequences of the disease. After all, it requires constant attention and rehabilitation, which cannot be stopped even for a period of time, which means that constant costs are necessary. After all, cerebral palsy is not treated by a single operation or a single course of rehabilitation, this struggle continues throughout life, and its outcome depends on us, parents, how much is enough of our strength not to give up and believe that everything will work out.

Help Igor pay for a course of treatment worth 98600 rubles!

Help rendered

Collected 98,600 rubles for the treatment of Igor.

Incoming donations

15.08.2019 — Смирнов Виталий, 80700р
12.08.2019 — Рябов Андрей, 500р
08.08.2019 — П. Анатолий, 1000р
30.07.2019 — Дутлова Яна, 70р
26.07.2019 — онлайн казино, 10000р
22.07.2019 — Украинский Дмитрий, 2000р
22.07.2019 — Ефимов Денис, 1000р
12.07.2019 — гришечко андрей, 120р
10.07.2019 — П. Анатолий, 1000р
24.06.2019 — Белоножка Евгений, 200р
24.06.2019 — Л Вячеслав, 100р
21.06.2019 — П. Анатолий, 1000р
21.06.2019 — Якимов Игорь, 500р
19.06.2019 — Белоножка Евгений, 500р



Collected donations for Igor Slepov

The Children of the Earth Charitable Foundation has raised 98,600 rubles to pay for the treatment of Igor Slepov. Thanks to all the donors who participated in the fundraising!


Help Igor Slepov

Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth» opens the collection of donations to pay for the treatment of Igor Slepov from Ryazan. The cost of treatment is 98600 rubles. Help a sick child conquer his illness and have a happy childhood without drugs and hospitals!