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Arthur Andreyev

Arthur Andreyev

Age, from: 5, Ulyanovsk

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy

Arthur was born prematurely and was immediately placed in intensive care where he suffered cerebral hemorrhage. The baby barely survived. Despite all the problems the boy is developing normally. At 18 months he already could form complete sentences. Arthur currently needs to undergo treatment at a clinic cost 157,500 rubles. Help a sick child!

Help rendered

Financed treatment, cost 157,500 rubles.

Incoming donations

19.10.2022 — Шульженко гриша, 100р
13.10.2022 — Алекович Руслан, 10р
20.05.2014 — Смирнов В.Е., 135000р
14.05.2014 — YURIY BERBENETS, 5000р
11.05.2014 — Интернет-казино, 314.39$
09.04.2014 — М Алексей , 5000р
09.04.2014 — Интернет лотереи, 200$




Financed treatment of Arthur Andreyev

Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth» finishes the collection of donations for the treatment of Arthur Andreyev. We thank all the donors who responded and helped with fundraising. Thank you all!


Sick child needs your help

Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth» asks everyone to render all possible assistance to Arthur Andreyev. The child needs treatment which costs 157,500 rubles. The boy has cerebral palsy. Every one of us can do a good deed and help a sick child!