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Credit card donations

Electronic payment system

You can now donate using your credit card via Assist, an online payment system.


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Minimum amount accepted is $5.

The processing rate is between 3% and 5%.

All donations are final and cannot be recalled.

Security of transmitted information

The security of payments in ASSIST is ensured by SSL protocol used for confidential information transmission from a customer to ASSIST server for further processing.

The further transmission of information is carried out via closed banking networks which are practically impossible to penetrate.

The processing of confidential customer information (credit card numbers, cardholder, expiration date etc.) is done in the processing center of the bank that is contracted to provide service to an Internet shop. Thus, nobody, not even a seller, can receive the customer's personal and credit card data, including information on purchases made in other shops.

The protection of confidential information during transmission between the client and the system server is ensured by SSL 3.0 protocol. The server certificate is issued by Thawte, a worlwide recognized certificate authority. You can verify the authenticity of the server's certificate.

We recommend that you visit the Assist security page for more information.

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