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Ilya Astashov

Ilya Astashov

Age, from: 5, Lipetsk

Diagnosis: central nervous system damage

The child does not understand how to treat their peers, does not talk, can’t eat or go to the toilet on his own, can’t sit still, breaks things, throws them the floor, can’t be left alone even for a minute. He is very sociable, wants to communicate, approaches people, touches and embraces them, but people shy away from him. Ilya has central nervous system damage, he is hyperactive and needs treatment whih costs 70,850 rubles. Help the child develop normally, it is in our power!

Help rendered

Collected 70,850 rubles for treatment.

Incoming donations

05.01.2015 — Бакулина О.И., 2000р
05.01.2015 — Рыбина О.А., 2000р
05.01.2015 — Денежкин В.П., 1000р
05.01.2015 — Власова О.А., 500р
30.12.2014 — ООО Липецкстальмеханизация, 5000р
27.12.2014 — Смирнов В.Е., 70850р




Financed treatment for Ilya Astashov

Treatment for Ilya Astashov has been financed. We thank our long-time partner S. V. Smirnov for his assistance. He has donated the full amount for the treatment of the sick child.


Ilya has central nervous system damage

Moscow Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» starts the collection of charitable donations to pay for treatment of Ilya Astashov from Lipetsk. The boy has central nervous system damage and requires treatment in hospital which costs 70,850 rubles. Help the child!