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Artem Beresnyakov

Artem Beresnyakov

Age, from: 6 years old, Lipetsk

Diagnosis: toxic-hypoxic encephalopathy

t Artem grew stronger and stronger boy. But on Feb. 5, 2005 disaster struck. Artem poisoned vinegar. Doctors Lipetsk regional hospital a month fighting for a child's life. The boy's parents appealed with his grief to the doctors in Moscow, Voronezh and Lipetsk. Treatment given beginning to bear fruit, especially after treatment in Moscow in the center of prof. Skvortsova. Artemke need help paying for the fourth year of treatment in this center value of 51,000 rubles. Help your child to Artem ran, jumped as his peers and did not remember that tragic day in winter 2005! Paid for treatment at the center Artem prof. Skvortsova, Moscow cost 51,000 rubles.

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