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Veronica Cheremisina

Veronica Cheremisina

Age, from: 5 years, Omsk

Diagnosis: Symptomatic epilepsy

Veronica is very sweet and pretty girl. She understands everything, knows a lot, but can't say anything. After a difficult birth the girl became ill with hepatitis and developed other serious health problems. Now she does not walk or talks, has difficulty keeping herself upright. In April 2011 Veronica was treated in Reatsentr LLC. That treatment helped her a lot. Now it is vital for her to repeat the treatment. Cost is 50,000 rubles.

Help rendered

Fully paid for treatment in Reatsentr LLC 50,000 rubles

Incoming donations

02.06.2011 — Малашук Т.В., 3000р
01.06.2011 — Смирнов В.Е., 50000р
31.05.2011 — ANTON IVANOV ( Assist ), 1000р
23.05.2011 — webmoney, 10$




Fully paid for treatment of Veronica Cheremisina

Today the Foundation for the Children "Children of the Earth" paid for Veronica's treatment in LLC Reatsentre, a cost of 50,000 rubles. We wish Veronica every success in her fight against her illness. Also special thanks to V. E. Smirnov who has always supported our wards.


Children of the Earth Foundation opens the collection of donations for Veronica Cheremisina

Veronica struggles with terrible illness since her birth. She does not walk, cannot sit or talk. Now she must undergo treatment at Reatsentr LLC priced at 50,000 rubles. Please respond and help in the treatment of a sick child.