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Polina Dekina

Polina Dekina

Age, from: 4, Moscow Region

Diagnosis: CNS damage

Immediately after birth, Polina was placed in intensive care. After treatment and discharge from the hospital the child’s torments continued. Polina has been examined in three hospitals: Children’s neuropsychiatric hospital № 18 with suspected cerebral palsy, Morozov Children’s Hospital and clinical hospital № 13 to examine her ears and identify the causes of deafness, and for the diagnosis of eye diseases in the Helmholtz Institute. Polina requires treatment in Skvortsov’s rehabilitation clinic which costs 59,500 rubles. Help the child!

Help rendered

Paid 59,500 rubles for treatment.




Finished fundraising for treatment of Polina Dekina

Moscow Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth» concludes the collection of charitable donations for the treatment of Polina. We wish the girl every success in her treatment.


Polina Dekina needs your help

Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth» opens the collection of charitable donations for treatment of Polina Dekina from the Moscow region. The girl is born with central nervous system damage. The course of treatment costs 59,500 rubles. Polina needs your help!