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Vitya Didenko

Vitya Didenko

Age, from: age 13, Krasnodar Territory

Diagnosis: atypical autism

For many years the boy's mother is struggling with Vitya's disease. Until age 10 he did not talk at all. The boy walked all day around the house muttering something. For several years, Vitya has been treated in the Speech Pathology Clinic, Yoshkar-Ola. This treatment turned out to be quite effective. The child returned to normal sleep and even began to talk. Now Vitya needs treatment at the Speech Pathology Clinic, cost 50,000 rubles. Help the child live a normal life!

Help rendered

Fully paid for treatment in a speech pathology clinic, cost 50,000 rubless

Incoming donations

19.04.2011 — Помазанова А.В., 1000р
04.04.2011 — TIMUR ZAYNULLIN ( Assist ), 10000р
10.03.2011 — Помазанова А.В., 400р
02.03.2011 — Тарбеева Е.В., 200р




Paid for treatment of Vitya Didenko in a speech pathology clinic

Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" has fully paid for treatment of Vitya Didenko at the speech pathology clinic, Yoshkar-Ola, cost 50,000 rubles. The boy has been diagnosed with atypical autism. Thanks to treatment at the clinic, Vitya began to speak. We wish him successes and victories over the disease!


Vitya Didenko urgently needs treatment

Foundation «Children of the Earth» opens the collection of funds for treatment of a child with atypical autism. The cost of treating 50 000 rubles. Doctors at the center of Speech Pathology, Yoshkar-Ola, are already waiting for Vitya. Help the boy live a normal life!