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Life of a child is priceless. But in the material world it does have a price once treatment costs come into play. The statistics is ruthless: a child is diagnosed with cancer every tho hours in Russia. We don't have to tell you what tragedy this becomes for the parents.

Cancer does not have to be the end, it is curable in many cases, but money required is very large (up to a million roubles). Parents often sell their apartments or take large debts to save their children. The only thing they retain is the hope from those who care for others' fate.

Stories of children with cancer are very much alike: they are united by the enormous desire to survive. They have experienced a lot of suffering during their short life. They just need our support. The happiness of having returned to normal life in there children depends of our kindness and compassion.

One of the most effective fundraising methods are text messages. We are running a campaign in cooperation with leading cell operators of Russia. The math is simple: if every cell phone user sends one text message to a special number, thousands of children can be helped.

Charity does not have to be difficult. A simple text message can help save someone's life and future.

Anyone can take part in this campaign. Just send the code word SMSSOS to a number from the table below to donate a sum of money suitable for you.

Latvia (Bite, Lmt, Tele-2) - SMSSOS in 1874 cost 2.55lvl

Lithuania (Bite, Omnitel, Tele-2) - SMSSOS in 1645 cost 8.73ltl

Estonia (Elisa, Emt, Tele-2) - SMSSOS to 17013 cost 42.37eek

Belgium (Base, Mobistar, Proximus) - SMSSOS in 7796 cost 1.58eur

France (Bouygues, Orange, Sfr) - SMSSOS to 83868 cost 2.41eur

Avctriya (Hutchinson, Mobilkom, One, T-Mobile, Tele-2, Telering) - SMSSOS on 0930399999 price 1.6eur

Germany (debitel, E-plus, Mobilcom, O2, Phonehouse, T-Mobile, Vodafone) - SMSSOS to 80888 cost 1.67eur

Netherlands (KPN, Orange, T-Mobile, Tele-2, Telfort, Vodafone) - SMSSOS in 7117 cost 1.26eur

Spain (Euskaltel, Movistar, Orange, R, Telecable, Vodafone, Yoigo) - SMSSOS in 5339 cost 1.2eur

Norway (NetCom, Tele-2, Telenor, Ventelo) - SMSSOS to 2322 cost 16nok

Poland (Era, Orange, Play, Plus) - SMSSOS in 7910 cost 9.00pln

Portugal (Optimus, TMN, Vodafone) - SMSSOS in 4565 cost 1.65eur

Finland (DNA, Elisa, Saunalaht, Sonera) - SMSSOS to 179479 1.64eur

Czech Republic (O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone) - SMSSOS to 9090199 83.19czk

Sweden (Tele-2, Telenor, Telia, Tre) - SMSSOS to 72170 cost of 16.00 sek

Bulgaria (GloBul, Mtel, Vivatel) - SMSSOS to 1098 cost 2.00bgn

Hungary (Pannon, T-Mobile, Vodafone) - SMSSOS to 90645045 550.00huf

Denmark (Sonofon, TDC, Telia, Tre) - SMSSOS in 1945 cost 16.00 dkk

The code word should be typed as shown without spaces in order for your donation to reach us!