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Ivan Faustov

Ivan Faustov

Age, from: 2 years old, Lipetsk

Diagnosis: Organic CNS damage

Ivan has a serious postpartum consition. He can crawl on all fours and stand up with support, but with difficulty. It’s no secret how expensive treatment is even for a common cold, and a child with this diagnosis is literally «gold» to his parents. Ivan needs treatment at the clinic Dobezhinyh (cost is 34,400 rubles). Help the child!

Help rendered

Paid 34,400 rubles for treatment.

Incoming donations

25.11.2013 — Бондарева Е.В. , 300р
20.11.2013 — Мейер З.П. , 6000р
15.11.2013 — Яковлев А.Н., 2000р
15.11.2013 — Елисеева Е.О., 10000р
15.11.2013 — ЗАО"Липецкстальмеханизация", 5000р
15.11.2013 — Лялина Н.А., 5000р
15.11.2013 — Бахаева Наталья Владимировна, 20000р
13.11.2013 — Шевченко Андрей , 300р
12.11.2013 — Интернет лотереи, 300$
06.11.2013 — Туйгина О , 5000р




Paid for treatment of Ivan Faustov

Moscow Foundation for sick children, «Children of Earth» finishes the collection of charitable donations for the treatment of Ivan Faustova. The money is collected, thanks to everybody!


Help a sick child

Foundation for sick children «Children of Earth» begins collecting charitable donations to pay for a rehabilitation course for Ivan Faustov from Lipetsk. The cost of treatment is 34,400 rubles. Ivan has an organic lesion of the central nervous system, but he is only two years old and he can still fully recover. Please help a sick child!