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Ivan Garabazhiu

Ivan Garabazhiu

Age, from: 10 years old, Izhevsk

Diagnosis: central nervous system damage

From birth, Ivan was under the supervision of a neurologist. Vanya did not go to school, engaged instead in a home schooling program. But even home learning is difficult to him. The child gets tired quickly, he has a bad memory. Ivan must undergo a treatment course worth 84,000 rubles. Doctors see a positive trend in the boy's condition and there is every chance of beating the disease completely. Help Ivan live a normal life!

Help rendered

Paid 84,000 rubles for treatment of Ivan

Incoming donations

19.04.2012 — Гурина О.. ( Assist ), 1000р
15.04.2012 — webmoney ( Кабацкий Артем ), 875р
11.04.2012 — webmoney ( Интернет лотерея ), 220$
08.04.2012 — webmoney, 10$
06.04.2012 — webmoney, 200р
03.04.2012 — Дубова Ю.В. ( Assist ), 500р
29.03.2012 — SHAKUROV D.. ( Assist ), 1500р
25.03.2012 — TIKHOMOLOVA A. ( Assist ), 150р
24.03.2012 — ALKHAZOVA S. ( Assist ), 1500р
24.03.2012 — chervontseva t ( Assist ), 1500р
24.03.2012 — chervontseva t ( Assist ), 150р




Completed collection of donations for Ivan Garabazhiu

Charitable Foundation for Children "Children of the Earth" completes the collection of charitable donations to pay for treatment of Ivan. After the May holidays his treatment will be paid. We heartily wish success to Ivan in the fight against his disease and a speedy recovery.


Collecting donations for treatment of Ivan Garabazhiu

Charitable Foundation for Children "Children of Earth" begins to raise funds for medical treatment of Ivan in LLC "Reatsentr", Izhevsk. The cost of treatment is 84,000 rubles. Financial position of the boy's family does not allow to pay for it. Vanya is very cute, sociable and happy child. Let's help him recover and live a normal life!