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Nina Glaznikova

Nina Glaznikova

Age, from: 3, Lipetsk

Diagnosis: spastic diplegia

Nina was born on 25 August 2011. The pregnancy was a welcome and long-awaited, however its course was very difficult. On routine ultrasound of the brain, like a thunderclap out of a clear sky came the words of a neurosurgeon: «your daughter has periventricular leucomalacia. There is a 98% chance your child is going to have cerebral palsy.»

After discharge from the regional children’s hospital further treatment of the girl began. Endless massages, exercise therapy, physiotherapy. Nina’s n mother dreams that her daughter could become a normal kid, run down the street, go to kindergarten and then school. Help little Nina become healthy and socially adapted child. She needs treatment in the Dobezhinykh exercise therapy school which costs 82,000 rubles. We need your help!

Help rendered

Collected 82,000 rubles for treatment.

Incoming donations

04.04.2015 — Широков А.А., 15000р
04.04.2015 — Широков А.А., 15000р
02.04.2015 — Корлыханов А.А., 3000р
30.03.2015 — Плотникова Т.Н., 250р
26.03.2015 — Амелин Николай , 500р
26.03.2015 — Скобеева Е.В., 25000р
19.03.2015 — Владислав Лоскутов , 1000р
18.03.2015 — Аввакумов Владимир , 1000р
17.03.2015 — Иванова Анна , 1000р
16.03.2015 — MUHARAMOVA RAMILYA , 200р
16.03.2015 — MUHARAMOVA RAMILYA, 200р
13.03.2015 — Лоскутов Владислав , 300р
13.03.2015 — ООО "Мехколонна -1", 10000р
13.03.2015 — Борзунова Д.Р., 100р
13.03.2015 — Борзунов Р.А., 200р
13.03.2015 — Борзунов П.Р., 100р
11.03.2015 — Ignatieva Nina , 500р
10.03.2015 — YAKOVLEVA ANASTASIA , 2000р
10.03.2015 —, 150$
10.03.2015 — webmoney, 8.88$
03.03.2015 — Гуров Алексей , 1500р
01.03.2015 — Бинявский Сергей , 500р
01.03.2015 — Лоскутов Владислав , 500р




Collected funds for treatment of the Nina Glaznikova

Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» for the treatment of Nina Glaznikova from Lipetsk. We thank all the donors who helped in raising funds to pay for treatment of Nina.


Nina Glaznikova from Lipetsk needs your help

Moscow Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» begins to search for charitable donations to pay for the treatment of Nina Glaznikova. The cost of treatment is 82,000 rubles. Please help the girl!