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Miroslava Goncharova

Miroslava Goncharova

Age, from: 3, Belgorod

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy

From the mom’s letter. . The baby was born with numerous malformations: congenital bilateral clubfoot, congenital heart disease, neuro-reflex excitability syndrome. At four months she had a club foot surgery. The child suffers from delayed development. She began to hold her head at 5 months, roll over at 1 year of age. Thanks to rehabilitation, Miroslava learned to sit on her own. For us, this is a great achievement, because we want her to be able to walk. Our family has no funds for treatment, because our income is low. I will ask you to help pay for the next course!

The cost of treatment is 124400 rubles.

Incoming donations

22.04.2019 — Якимов Игорь, 500р
03.04.2019 — климов станислав, 300р
01.04.2019 — гришечко андрей, 100р
01.04.2019 — Баликоева Алана, 200р
01.04.2019 — Л Вячеслав, 100р



Raising funds for Miroslava Goncharova

Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of the Earth» requests to help a sick child. The cost of treatment is 124400 rubles. Help Miroslava defeat her illness!