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Nastya Gorbacheva

Nastya Gorbacheva

Age, from: 5, Moscow region

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy

In 2017 Nastya will undergo rehabilitation courses in July, September, November at the centre of regenerative medicine Academy of Health in Elektrostal, Moscow region. The cost of each rehabilitation is 98,600 rubles. The family can’t pay for rehabilitation so we are asking you to help a sick child!

Help rendered

Collected 98,600 rubles for treatment of Nastya.

Incoming donations

12.07.2017 — ИП Иванов П.М., 1000р
10.07.2017 — Смирнов Виталий, 41000р
01.07.2017 — ИП Иванов П.М. , 1000р
02.06.2017 — ИП Климанова Е.В., 1000р
22.05.2017 — ИП Иванов П.М. , 1000р
19.05.2017 — Смирнов леонид, 200р
03.05.2017 — Кузин Александр , 10000р
03.05.2017 — ИП Климанова Е.В., 1500р
19.04.2017 — Melkonova Tatiana , 400$
15.04.2017 — Melkonova Tatiana , 170 евро
12.04.2017 — ИП Иванов П.М., 1000р
11.04.2017 — webmoney онлайн казино, 150$




Collected donations for treatment of Nastya Gorbacheva

Charitable Foundation for children Children of Earth closes the collection of donations for Nastya. The money is collected. Thank you all for helping a sick child!


Help Nastya Gorbacheva

Charitable Foundation for children Children of Earth opens the collection of charitable donations for the treatment of a sick child from the Moscow region. Please support Nastya Gorbacheva!