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Sasha Homutetskov

Sasha Homutetskov

Age, from: 12 years old, Lipetsk

Diagnosis: nervous system damage

Sasha is a disabled child. During his long-term treatment he gained weight. The result has been increasing joint disease of the feet and developing fatty liver. The mother is raising two children and is financially strained. At the moment the boy needs a special treadmill which costs 41,990 rubles. Regular exercise will help him fight obesity. Help a sick child!

Help rendered

Financed purchase of a treadmill, 41,990 rubles

Incoming donations

10.11.2017 — ООО Динамика , 15000р
10.11.2017 — Горбатых М.Ф., 7200р
10.11.2017 — Родионова Н.А., 1000р
01.11.2017 — Яндекс Деньги, 300р
28.10.2017 — ООО ТСЛ , 10000р
16.10.2017 — Загорский Н.В., 200р
11.10.2017 — онлайн казино , 150$
05.10.2017 — Яндекс Деньги, 300р
04.10.2017 — Самохина О.Ю. , 100р
02.10.2017 — Емельянова Н.Н. , 170р
02.10.2017 — ООО ТД Металлопрокат, 15000р




Fundraising for Sasha Homutetskov is finished

Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» has collected funds for Sasha Homutetskov. Thank you all for the help!


Help a sick child

Sasha Homutetskov from Lipetsk requires a treadmill for exercise. The child is a disabled child in the family does not have enough cash. The boy suffers from nervous system damage. Help a sick child!