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Instant transfer systems

Transfer of funds via instant translations

You can use following systems:

Western Union (large commission, but thousands of branches worldwide)

MoneyGram (commission is less than in Western Union, but not available in every city)

Leader (VMT) - low rates, benefits for transfers to the CIS

PrivatMoney, Travelex, Vigo, Migom, Telegraph (Pravex Bank), Avers ("Finance and Credit"), Aval-Express and others

In any system of translation specify as a payee:

Popova Natalia, Moscow, Russia

In order for us to кусушму a translation, please contact s at or by phone 7 (495) 971-20-44. Include transfer code, transfer amount, country, city, name of the sender and desired purpose of your donation.

Please contact us prior using above mentioned transfer systems.