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Igor Ilyichev

Igor Ilyichev

Age, from: 4 years, Moscow region

Diagnosis: infantile autism

The boy has a severe diagnosis, autism. Igor is being treated in the PEA Skvortsov. The child does not speak, he expressed a large psycho-delay speech development. After two previous treatment courses sound reaction and eye contact appeared, he began to form self-service skills. Now a third course of treatment is needed. The cost of the rehabilitation course is 58,000 rubles. Course begins September 8, 2011.

Due to lack of funds treatment date was moved to September 19.

Help rendered

Paid 58,000 rubles for treatment in Skvortsov Clinic

Incoming donations

21.09.2011 — Помазанова А.В., 500р
16.09.2011 — AELITA ALEXANDROVA ( Assist ), 1000р
14.09.2011 — AELITA ALEXANDROVA ( Assist ), 150р
14.09.2011 — AELITA ALEXANDROVA ( Assist ), 150р
01.09.2011 — Черенков П.Г., 6354р
30.08.2011 — Бумажкин Д.К., 1000р
30.08.2011 — azat gafurov ( Assist ), 4000р
21.08.2011 — webmoney ( Интернет лотерея ), 200$




Children's Fund "Children of the Earth" to pay for treatment Ilyicheva Igor

Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" has paid 58,000 rubles for treatment of Igor Ilyichev at the clinic of Professor Igor Skvortsov, Moscow. We thank our sponsors who helped Igor to do one more small step to move forward to victory over his illness. On behalf of our foundation, we wish to Igor success and health! Thank you all!


Help a child begin treatment in time

Treatment of Igor Ilyichev was scheduled for September 8, 2011, but due to lack of funds hospitalization had to be delayed until 19 September 2011. Igor is in need of this treatment, so we ask all friends and donors to help the boy time to get to the clinic.


Raising funds for Igor Ilyichev, diagnosis is infantile autism

Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of Earth" begins to raise funds for medical treatment at the Skvortsov clinic for Igor Ilyichev. The boy has a serious illness. He has already gone through several courses of rehabilitation which nad a very good effect. We ask you to respond to grief and to assist in the treatment of Igor Ilyichev from Moscow region.