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Tanya Konyukhova

Tanya Konyukhova

Age, from: 6, Lipetsk

Diagnosis: CNS damage

From a mother’s letter:

Tanya has been ill since birth. During this time, Tanya received two courses of sessions with a speech pathologist, have passed courses of massage and exercise therapy. So far no results. Two times we were at the Institute of human brain, where doctors said that she needs to be treated mechanically, there is a procedure micropolarization. But the second time when we went to the Institute of the brain, the results of EEG it a structural change in the brain, we were denied this procedure, as it will make Tanyai strong epileptic seizures. The results of the survey epileptology, Tanya multiple short bursts of epilepsy, which she was not allowed to develop normally. Now we medical remove flash of epilepsy.

Tanya currently needs treatment in medical center «Adelia» which costs of 80,000 rubles. Help Tanya!

Help rendered

Collected 80,000 rubles for treatment of Tanya.

Incoming donations

10.09.2017 — Кузин Александр , 10000р
07.09.2017 — Яндекс Деньги, 600р
07.09.2017 — Колпаков Максим , 2940р
27.08.2017 — ИП Иванов П.М. , 1000р
27.08.2017 — Несмеянова О.Н., 500р
23.08.2017 — Жирков Артём , 2000р
23.08.2017 — Чередникова Л.В., 2000р
20.08.2017 — Бекшенёв Николай , 1000р
17.08.2017 — Статник Олег , 2000р
17.08.2017 — АО ЛГЭК , 10000р
16.08.2017 — Леунин Станислав , 150р
16.08.2017 — Безбородов Сергей , 500р
13.08.2017 — webmoney онлайн казино, 150$
11.08.2017 — ООО "ТД Металлопрокат" , 15000р
11.08.2017 — ИП Комаров Е.А. , 3000р
04.08.2017 — Черноиванова И.Г., 2940р
01.08.2017 — Яндекс Деньги, 500р
28.07.2017 — ООО "СК "Оникс", 20000р




Paid for treatment of Tanya Konyukhova

Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» has financed treatment of Tanya. The cost is 80,000 rubles. We thank our donors for their help and support!


Help a sick child

Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» opens the collection of donations for treatment of Tanya Konyukhova from Lipetsk. The child has central nervous system damage. Treatment cost is 80,000 rubles. Help a sick child!