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Artyom Kotelnikov

Artyom Kotelnikov

Age, from: 12, Kemerovo region

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy

From a letter from the mother of a sick child. My son has cerebral palsy. We have to treat Artem every year, and there is no money for treatment. Now it’s been 12 years since Artem was born and what happened many years ago, I try not to remember, now I just thank God that he sent us our Artem my boy, that’s what it is, because that’s what Artem rallied our family, taught us to love, to tolerate,to forgive, to thank and to be compassionate. Now Artem needs to pay for the course of treatment worth 93 400 rubles. Help a sick child!

Help rendered

Collected 93,400 rubles for treatment of Artyom

Incoming donations

03.11.2018 — Шустова Наталья, 500р
03.11.2018 — Смирнов Виталий, 78400 р
17.10.2018 — Шустова Наталья, 500р
04.10.2018 — Мурзакова Ксения, 2500р
03.10.2018 — Туктарова Эльмира, 1000р
01.10.2018 — Баликоева Алана, 500р
01.10.2018 — Туктарова Эльмира, 1000р
24.08.2018 — Катунин Александр , 20р
23.07.2018 — Молоков Сергей , 400р
02.07.2018 — Федонин Никита , 500р
21.06.2018 — Якимов Игорь , 400р
14.06.2018 — webmoney онлайн казино, 150$
11.05.2018 — Л Вячеслав , 100р




Collection of donations for Artem Kotelnikov is completed

Charitable Foundation for children «Children of the Earth» paid for the treatment of Artem cost 93400 rubles. Thanks to donors and volunteers!


Artyom Kotelnikov needs help

Charitable Foundation for children Children of the Earth opens the collection of donations for the treatment of a sick child. Artyom has a congenital disease that requires long-term treatment. Help Artem overcome his disease!