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Maxim Kotlyakov

Maxim Kotlyakov

Age, from: 4, Izhevsk

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy

Maxim is 3 years old and still does not speak. But this is not his only problem. He is hyperactive, sometimes uncontrollable, very noisy, lagging behind in mental and cognitive development. The child needs a permanent cure. Maxim needs to undergo treatment in Reatsentr worth 67,500 rubles. Please help the boy!

Help rendered

Financed treatment, cost 67,500 rubles

Incoming donations

06.07.2014 — Смирнов В.Е., 50000р
19.06.2014 — Тимин Евгений , 200р
18.06.2014 — Интернет-казино, 300$
09.06.2014 — Интернет лотереи, 200$
04.06.2014 — webmoney, 0.22$
03.06.2014 — webmoney, 250р




Raised funds for Maxim Kotlyakov

Charity Foundation «Children of Earth» has collected the money to pay for the treatment of Maxim. The cost of the treatment is 67,500 rubles. The boy will receive the necessary treatment soon. We wish him a speedy recovery.


Fundraiser for Maxim Kotlyakov

Our foundation begins collecting donations to pay for treatment of Maxim in Reatsentr. The cost of treatment is 67,500 rubles. We can help the sick child in the treatment of his terrible disease.