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Denis Kulikov

Denis Kulikov

Age, from: 5 years old, Lipetsk

Diagnosis: cryptogenic focal epilepsy, organic CNS damage

t Denis is a charming cute kid, but he lags far behind in development. He's 5 years old and his skills match those of a 5 year-old child. In May, in a specialized center in Munich, Germany Denis was held diagnostics - high-resolution neuroimaging. The results showed the need for surgery on the brain. The cost of treatment in a German clinic, more than 73 000 Euros. Little Dennis is waiting for your help!

Help rendered

Collected 410,325 rubles for treatment.




Charity event in the cafe "Island of Captain Flint"

t !(fltlft)th:/store/page/photogallery/20101011-kulikov/03.jpg! October 10 at Cafe Island of Captain Flints charity event in support of Denis Kulikov social dinner. The organizer of the shares were Charity Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" and a group of volunteers. Each participant shares to make donations and receive a certificate for tea or coffee. At the rally attended by himself and Dennis with his mother and sister Leroy. Cafe Guide gave Dennis an inflatable sword and helmet. We thank all those who helped organize this campaign and especially those who have not passed by and made donations. Thank you all very much.


Charity event in support of Denis Kulikov

t !(fltlft)th:05.jpg! September 25 in a cafe "Baskin Robbins" charity event in support of Denis Kulikov - "social lunch". Organizer of the action made by the Children Foundation "Children of the Earth" and a group of volunteers. Each participant of the action coming in the cafe to buy coffee or tea. Its price was 40 rubles, and the protesters bought it for 150 rubles. The money went to a personal account of Dennis. Special thanks to our foundation is volunteers Morhovoy Tyurikovoy Victoria and Anastasia. And, of course, all the people who came to the cafe and were not indifferent to the child's illness. All thanks a lot!