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Arkady Levchenko

Arkady Levchenko

Age, from: 7 years old, Naberezhnye Chenly

Diagnosis: Dandy-Walker syndrome

Arkady has had a lot of different treatments in his fight against his terrible disease. There is a positive trend, but the boy still does not talk. There remains one last chance for a cure. It is the stem cells, which are taken from the umbilical cord of the mother. Right now, his mother is pregnant again and the boy can't miss this chance. We need help paying for treatment in the LLC "KreaTsentr" worth 85,000 rubles.

Help rendered

Collected 85,000 rubles for treatment

Incoming donations

17.05.2012 — webmoney, 300р
14.05.2012 — webmoney, 2.76$
12.05.2012 — Смирнов В.Е., 65000р
11.05.2012 — webmoney, 400р
08.05.2012 — webmoney, 300р
04.05.2012 — webmoney, 100р
02.05.2012 — webmoney, 300р
27.04.2012 — ALEXEY APASHEEV ( PayPal ), 94.80$
25.04.2012 — webmoney, 300р
23.04.2012 — webmoney, 300р
19.04.2012 — webmoney, 600р
15.04.2012 — webmoney ( Кабацкий Артем ), 2940р
14.04.2012 — Кремнева И.А., 1000р
13.04.2012 — webmoney, 200р
12.04.2012 — webmoney, 300р
05.04.2012 — Интернет - казино, 333.01$
05.04.2012 — webmoney, 500р




Finished collecting donations for the treatment of Arcadiy Levchenko

We conclude the fundraising to pay for stem cell treatment of Arcadiy Levchenko in KreaTsentr LLC. The cost of treatment is 85,000 rubles. Thanks to our donors, the boy has a real chance for recovery. Thank you very much!


Help the sick child

Charitable Foundation for Children "Children of the Earth" opens the collection of donations for stem cell therapy of Arcady Levchenko in LLC "KreaTsentr" worth 85,000 rubles. The boy is diagnosed with Dandy-Walker disease. We ask you to help the child to receive treatment.