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Natasha Makhatadze

Natasha Makhatadze

Age, from: 7 years old, Moscow

Diagnosis: autism

Natasha was born a perfectly normal and healthy child. A bit sluggish, but massage helped. She did not sit for a long time, but it was probably just the extra weight, said the doctor. As a result, at the age of three the girl was seen by a neurologist, and he said it was autism. And then it began! Consultations, educational centers, medications, massage, permanent rehabilitation. Natasha already has had success in treatment, there is positive dynamics. She now must undergo a course of treatment which costs 129,500 rubles. A sick child needs your help!

Help rendered

Collected 129,500 rubles for treatment.

Incoming donations

09.09.2015 — ИП Иванов П.М., 1000р
07.09.2015 — АО СОГАЗ, 98500р
18.08.2015 — ИП Иванов П.М., 1000р
09.08.2015 — Соловьев Григорий , 1000р
06.08.2015 — Берхин Матвей , 500р
27.07.2015 — исрапилов шамиль , 100р
13.07.2015 — Онлайн казино, 150$
11.07.2015 — Фильченко П.И., 5000р
11.07.2015 — ООО РНКО РИБ, 26639-80р
11.07.2015 — ООО РНКО, 128р
06.07.2015 — webmoney, 88.88$
25.06.2015 — шульц руслан , 30р
18.06.2015 — Никитина Е.А., 150р
15.06.2015 — Ерофеева Татьяна , 5000р
12.06.2015 — Prahov Stas , 5000р
12.06.2015 — Леунин Вячеслав , 300р
09.06.2015 — webmoney, 8.88$




Collected donations for treatment of Natasha Makhatadze

Charitable Foundation for sick children Children of Earth thanks all the donors who helped in collecting donations to pay for treatment of Natasha. Funds are collected. In the near future the child will receive her treatment.


Natasha Makhatadze has autism

Moscow Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» begins collecting donations to pay for treatment of a sick child. We ask all caring people to take active part in the life of Natasha Makhatadze.