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Kirill Mikryakov

Kirill Mikryakov

Age, from: 13, Lipetsk

Diagnosis: asthma

Kirill has asthma since two years old. The boy takes strong hormonal drugs. The child is disabled. He needs constant care and supervision. In addition to asthma, Kirill has a number of other serious diseases: reactive pancreatitis, gastroduodenitis, biliary dyskinesia, intracranial hypertension, chronic pyelonephritis, pelvic dystopia of the left kidney, scoliotic posture. Kirill requires treatment in a sanatorium in Ordzhonikidze, Kislovodsk, which costs 89,586 rubles. Help the child!

Help rendered

Paid 89,586 rubles for treatment in Kislovodsk.

Incoming donations

27.04.2013 — Гребенкина М.Ф., 500р
27.04.2013 — Томилина Г.И., 3000р
27.04.2013 — Петрикин С.Ю., 150р
25.04.2013 — Микряков К., 150р
18.04.2013 — Волосатова В.В, 500р
18.04.2013 — Кровопускова В.Ф., 500р
14.04.2013 — Красноруцкий Б.О., 1000р
12.04.2013 — Бакулина О., 1000р
12.04.2013 — Роман, 500р
12.04.2013 — Комарова Э., 5000р
12.04.2013 — Корлыханов А., 5000р
10.04.2013 — Смирнов В.Е., 88000р
06.04.2013 — Литвинова Т.В., 2000р
04.04.2013 — Малякин Фёдор ( Assist ), 1000р




Finished collecting donations for Kirill Mikryakov

Moscow Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth» closes the collection of donations to pay for treatment of Kirill Mikryakov. Thanks to all the donors who responded, especially to V. Smirnov. Thanks to you we managed to collect the necessary amount in a short time. We wish Kirill health and successful treatment.


Child with asthma needs your help

Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth» begins collecting donations for treatment of Kirill Mikryakov from Lipetsk. The child has a number of diseases. Primary diagnosis is asthma. Kirill requires treatment in a Kislovodsk sanatorium at the cost of 89,586 rubles. Help the child!