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Lisa Moiseeva

Lisa Moiseeva

Age, from: 1 year, Sakhalin Oblast

Diagnosis: pathology of the central nervous system

Right after birth Lisa was moved to the infant pathology ward and received a blood transfusion. At discharge the doctors said that the child is going to be disabled. But the main thing for her mother was to see and hug her child. After treatment in Reatsentr LLC the girl's condition improved. Lisa lives on Sakhalin island so her family cannot affort treatment or travel to the hospital. At this time the girl urgently needs treatment in Samara (cost 58 600 rubles). This is without travel and accommodation. Help a child get treatment!

Help rendered

Paid 58,600 rubles for treatment of Lisa in Reatsentr

Incoming donations

25.10.2011 — Гиндулин Р.М., 15426р
19.10.2011 — webmoney ( Интернет лотерея ), 200$
09.10.2011 — webmoney, 15$
05.10.2011 — Интернет - казино, 300$




Financed treatment of Lisa Moiseeva in Reatsentr

Charitable Foundation for Children "Children of the Earth" would like to thank all the donors who helped Lisa. We especially want to highlight our old friend Vitaly. Vitaly has a long history helping our wards while remaining an anonymous benefactor. Lisa will be admitted to the hospital for treatment soon.


Help a sick child

Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" opens the collection of funds for treatment of Lisa Moiseeva (cost 58,600 rubles). The girl hsd pathology of the central nervous system. Lisa lives on Sakhalin, and rehabilitation will take place in Samara. It's a long flight, lodging and other expenses. Family is not able to pay for it all. Help the child get well!