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Culinary feast for children from Tupperware

t !(fltlft)th:DSC07145-800x600.jpg! Company Tupperware®, the world-renowned manufacturer of premium cookware for the home and kitchen, 13 September met a friendly culinary competition among school students Inclusive Education № 1447 in Moscow.
t Culinary Competition will headmaster № 1447 Elena Volkova Vitalievna. Two teams of students aged 12 to 14 years, including the addition to the normal school there were children with disabilities, participated in the fun quizzes and competitions, along with Irina Antonenko in a friendly and positive atmosphere to prepare delicious dishes using cookies Tupperware. Children follow simple recipes that with the skill demonstrated Premier Manager Distribyutornogo Center Elena and Vladimir Kushnir Lyudmila Yegorova and Manager Distribyutornogo Center Elena and Vladimir Kushnir Evstratova Ludmila, then included in the jury. Cookies from both teams got so good that the jury unanimously awarded the victory to all participants. Celebratory event at school number 1447 was timed to the top of the home economics class, which is equipped with the company Tupperware in cooperation with UNICEF and the implementation of charitable programs Chain of Confidence. In recent years, the Russian schools are taught the lessons of labor increasingly rare, largely due to the fact that schools do not have enough funds for the equipment classes. Tupperware seeks to revive a good and useful tradition of such activities which help children develop their imagination, basic household skills and facilitate their integration into adult life. Thanks to a special cabinet was installed kitchen, stove, microwave and, of course, dishes, with which children will become the first skills of the culinary arts. Especially important are the classes for schools, where, along with the usual kids learn, children with disabilities: the lessons of economics, they will be able to playfully interact with their peers and learn about the world around us. The company is planning equipment cabinets economics and in other Moscow schools.