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Happy New Year!

t !(fltrt)tree.jpg! Dear friends! Another year of our work, our life, our survival and our recovery is coming to an end. 2010 was difficult for our children under our care and their parents. This year they underwent surgeries, difficult treatments, rehabilitation. They bravely fought the disease and sought to defeat them. We were happy together with the families about even small victories over their diseases. It would be impossible without you, our dear friends, associates and benefactors! We heartily thank all those who in our difficult time helps to those in need, who are interested and do not remain indifferent to the fate of seriously ill children. We express our sincere thanks to our regular contributors: Vitaly Gordeeva J., Podkovyrova OA, Gepfert ME and Gepfert VE, Abramov, IV, Averyanova VN, Lunyaka VN, Koshcheev RV, Martini,, and many of those who responded to the pain of others, who are no stranger to compassion and mercy. Thank you! Happy New Year 2011! We wish health to you and your family, success, luck and prosperity. Let our children recover never get sick no matter what!