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Children's hospital

Children's hospital

Age, from: Children's hospital

Diagnosis: Children's hospital

t The program's Help Hospital, "our foundation begins to search for funds to provide financial aid Children's Hospital Rehabilitation. Since 2008, the Fund "Children of the Earth" took patronage over the children's hospital. We have a great relationship with the staff and hospital management. We are constantly engaged in the life of this institution, organizes recreational activities for patients with hospital wards, purchase necessary medical equipment and medicines. Help children's hospital, contributed to the future of our children! All of us: rich and poor, happy and not so, should abandon the idea that we can not do anything. Can! All together! The Foundation is trying not only to save children's lives, but also make them a little happier. We hope that there are many strong and noble people who will give us invaluable assistance.

Help rendered

Children's hospital in Lipetsk is closed. Thank you all for the help!

Donated 330,000 rubles.

Donated household goods and toys worth 87,000 rubles.

Purchased medical products total 20 000 рrubles

Bought TV for the Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital, cost 23,100 rubles

Incoming donations

12.02.2016 — трофимов илья, 120р
26.04.2015 — Середа О.В., 100р
02.04.2015 — webmoney, 1.88$
13.03.2015 — Середа О.В., 100р
13.03.2015 — Середа О.В., 100р
19.10.2013 — Евтягина И.Н., 250р
20.01.2013 — Ларин К.М., 2000р
21.12.2012 — webmoney, 955.59р
20.12.2012 — Небога Алексей ( Assist ), 1500р
16.12.2012 — webmoney, 150р
09.12.2012 — webmoney, 350р
10.11.2012 — webmoney, 300р
07.07.2012 — Небога А.. ( Assist ), 2000р
16.02.2012 — Ольга ( Липецк ), 500р
24.10.2011 — Андреев С.А., 20000р



Sponsorship of a children's hospital

Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth» provides charitable assistance to Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital in Lipetsk. We have recently donated to the hospital household goods and toys. The cost of the donation is 87,000 rubles. Our foundation is looking for sponsors who are willing to help children’s institutions. For cooperation and sponsorship, please contact us.


Paid for medical supplies for the Children's Hospital

Charitable Foundation for Children "Children of Earth" has made ​​a gift to the Children's Rehabilitation Hospital. We purchased medical supplies for the hospital. All of those things that are needed and sometimes just necessary for a full treatment of sick children. We heartily thank our sponsors who helped us with this. All gifts will be handed over to the hospital for the holiday Day of Disabled Persons, December 3.