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Polina Petrusevich

Polina Petrusevich

Age, from: 2 years 6 months, Rostov-on-Don

Diagnosis: congenital vascular pathology

Polina was born with malformations of the venous system. The girl has a throbbing flesh wound on her knee which is constantly bleeding. The child is experiencing severe pain, is pressing her knees to her stomach and complaining of severe pain in the abdomen. Doctors in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don could not help her. After consultations with the Augsburg Clinic, Germany, Polina is now waiting for her treatment, which costs 6,300 euros. German doctors guarantee positive result. Help Polina defeat the disease!

Help rendered

Paid 6,300 Euro for treatment in German clinic

Incoming donations

10.08.2011 — Смирнов В.Е., 172500р
07.08.2011 — webmoney, 400р
01.08.2011 — Хачикян К.А., 20000р
26.07.2011 — sergei kovalev (Assist), 15000р
21.07.2011 — sergei kovalev (Assist), 10000р
15.07.2011 — Бумажкин Д.К., 1000р
04.07.2011 — webmoney, 300р
01.07.2011 — Кашироков А.А., 5000р
27.06.2011 — Лехова М.А., 2810р
17.06.2011 — MS. OLGA GURINA ( Assist ), 2000р
14.06.2011 — Гюльметова З.Г., 2000р
09.06.2011 — webmoney ( Интернет лотерея ), 200$
06.06.2011 — ANTON IVANOV ( Assist ), 1000р
02.06.2011 — Малашук Т.В., 3000р
01.06.2011 — ALEKSANDR ANANYEV ( Assist ), 15000р
01.06.2011 — Битюков Г.А., 1000р




Paid Petrusevich treatment of Polina in Germany

Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" has paid for treatment of Polina Petrusevich in a German clinic worth 6,300 euros. We thank all the donors who have helped in raising funds for the treatment of the girl. To Polina wish a successful trip and good luck with treatment.


Urgent need help paying for treatment of Pauline Petrusevich

Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of Earth" begins collecting donations for the treatment of Polina in Germany. The girl has a congenital vascular pathology. She has a bleeding wound on her knee. The child lives in constant pain. Treatment cost 6,300 euros. Please respond and help Polina return to normal life!