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Decemner 25, 2014. New Year celebration in Yelets Children's Home

December 3, 2012. Celebration in the Children's Rehabilitation Clinic, Lipetsk, Russia

Treatment of Mihasko brothers in a clinic

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== h2. Children's Day at the Regional Children's Hospital Rehabilitation with. Podgornoye !th:1june/1.jpg! !th:1june/2.jpg! !th:1june/3.jpg! !th:1june/4.jpg! !th:1june/5.jpg! !th:1june/6.jpg! !th:1june/7.jpg! h2. Opening the season of street racing. Charity event in support of Sarantseva Ghali !th:gonki1.jpg! !th:gonki2.jpg! !th:gonki3.jpg! !th:gonki4.jpg! !th:gonki5.jpg! !th:gonki6.jpg! !th:gonki7.jpg! h2. Christmas party in the child's orphanage !th:/store/child/dom_rebenka/2.jpg! !th:/store/child/dom_rebenka/5_big.jpg! !th:/store/child/dom_rebenka/6.jpg! !th:/store/child/dom_rebenka/7.jpg! !th:dom_rebenka/8.jpg! ==