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Plekhanov, Misha

Plekhanov, Misha

Age, from: 4, Sochi

Diagnosis: central nervous system disease, cataracts

Misha has several serious diseases. The child does not talk, doesn't communicate with other children, leading a solitary life due to his delayed development. Starting with 2 1/2 years of age, his life is hospitals, doctors, injections and procedures. Misha's mother believes that the diseases can be defeated, and the doctors noticed significant improvements and positive changes in his condition. Now the boy must undergo a rehabilitation course in «Reatsentr» worth 85,500 rubles. Help the child see the world through different eyes!

Help rendered

Paid 85,500 rubles for treatment of Misha in Reatsentr

Incoming donations

30.01.2012 — webmoney, 99.2р




Paid for treatment of Misha Plekhanov

Charitable Foundation for Children "Children of Earth" wishes to thank our friend and long-time benefactor Vitaly, who helped to collect the necessary sum for the treatment of Misha in a short time. We stop collecting donations for Misha Plekhanov and in the near future will pay for his treatment. We wish Misha a speedy recovery, and thank Vitaly once again.


Collecting donations for the treatment of Misha Plekhanov

We now begin raising 85,500 rubles of funds for the treatment of Misha in Reatsentr, Izhevsk. The boy suffers from a disease of the central nervous system and cataracts. Please come forward and lend a helping hand!