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Gleb Poluektov

Gleb Poluektov

Age, from: 5, Moscow region

Diagnosis: disorder of psychological development

From the mother’s letter. Our baby was born strong and healthy, with high scores on the Apgar scale. For the first 10 months of his life he was developing well and we rejoiced in his success. But then came the first illness in his life that lasted almost 2 months and was complicated by a rise in temperature to 39.4 degrees Celsius, bilateral otitis and strong antibiotics. Numerous trips to doctors, numerous surveys, tests, consultations… At the age of 2 we first heard the diagnoses of «Organic brain damage of perinatal origin» and «sensory-motor alalia». The child requires constant treatment for which there is simply no money. Gleb needs to undergo treatment which costs 129,600 rubles. Help a sick child!

Help rendered

Collected 129,600 rubles for treatment of Gleb.

Incoming donations

09.07.2018 — Zobnin Alexander , 10000р
22.05.2018 — Зобнин Александр , 10000р
07.03.2018 — Govorenko Denis , 5000р
12.02.2018 — Смирнов Виталий, 63600р
29.12.2017 — Дмитрий , 19013р
29.12.2017 — Зобнин Александр , 10000р
25.12.2017 — Машков Иван, 10000р
12.12.2017 — онлайн казино, 150$
11.12.2017 — Корнейчук Екатерина , 19000р
11.12.2017 — Мияссаров Роберт , 100р




Collected donations for treatment of Gleb Poluektov

Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» has collected 129,600 rubles for the treatment of Gleb. We thank all sponsors for their help and support.


Help Gleb Poluektov from the Moscow region

Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» asks to help a sick child. Required amount is 129,600 rubles. More information on the Gleb’s page.