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How to receive our aid

Our Foundation renders help both to specific patients and to medical centers or groups of patients on doctor's request. We work with all regions of Russia. It is our intention to make the procedure of obtaining help as easy as possible, however there are certain requirements which have to be fulfilled. If you are a patient or a relative, a friend of the patient, if you are a doctor needing help for your patients, you are welcome here.

Our conditions of providing help

  • Help is provided on a request by the patient family or the patient's doctor after necessary documents are provided.
  • Everyone who requests help of our Foudation is contacted by our representative. If you have not been contacted within 24 hours please call us yourself.
  • Help is rendered after checking documents and meeting medical specialists. We will try to do this as quickly as possible.
  • Every recipient of our aid is visited by our volunteers. You can leave additional requests with them if the need arises.
  • Our aid consists of solving your specific problem, not of cash. Money can be given to you if it was donated specifically for you and was not fully used on solving your problem. However if you lack cash for everyday living, refer to our volunteer or contact us and we'll come up with something.
  • Unfortunately we cannot help immediately in every case. If our current funds are insufficient, we will start fundrarising on your behalf. This can take time.
  • President of the Foundation reserves the right to refuse aid in the following cases:
    • if the submitted documents are incomplete or their authencity is doubtful;
    • if requested medical aid is to be provided by people or organizations not legally authorized to provide medical services;
    • if requested medical aid is ruled ineffective by Foundation experts (e.g., the treatment selected is not used to treat the given disease or cannot help in your case);
    • if the person requesting aid avoids communication with the Foundation employees and volunteers, including phone calls, emails, personal meetings, or if this person does not reveal all the necessary information.

Need help?

If your child has a problem and you have decided to apply for our help, we will do everything within our capacity, but we need your help too. Please study carefully the following list of documents you need to submit:

  1. The most important thing is your letter. We will post it on our web site and/or publish it in press. It will be read by the people who can help you. So the effectiveness of fundraising will depend on it, its completeness and authencity. Write about yourself, your child, your problem as if you were writing to people who are close to you.
  2. Copy of applicant's (or one of the parent's) passport.
  3. Copy of the child's birth certificate or passport if the child is 14 years of age or older.
  4. Copy of the disability certificate (if applicable).
  5. Copy of latest medical records to confirm the diagnosis and the necessity of treatments or procedures you are asking for.
  6. Your contact information including postal address and phone numbers.
  7. Two good quality color photos of the child in need of help.
  8. Name and phone number of the child's doctor who can comment on the child's condition.
  9. The list of whatever you need (for drugs, include dosage and maker's name; for surgery, specify clinic and the cost quoted, attach any bills).
  10. Letters from the workplace confirming average salary for all close relatives who work.
  11. Application (download the form hete).