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Sveta Ryaguzova

Sveta Ryaguzova

Age, from: 11, Lipetsk

Diagnosis: spastic tetraparesis

On the seventh day after birth due to bilirubin blockade the girl suffered clinical death. She was saved, but became disabled. Parents treated the child in Lipetsk, Tula, Moscow, St. Petersburg. There is a positive trend. Now the girl requires orthosis (cost 37,620 rubles). Help Sveta most walk on her owm rather than spend her life in a wheelchair!

Help rendered

Fully paid for orthopaedic apparatus worth 37,620 rubles.




Paid for orthosis for Sveta Ryaguzova

Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth," wishes to express its gratitude to "ARM - Center" for help in paying for an orthopedic device for Sveta Ryaguzova of Lipetsk. The cost of the apparatus is 37 620 rubles. You gave the girl a chance and hope for a decent life. Thank you.


Help the child get out of the wheelchair

Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" begins the collection of funds to pay for an orthopedic device for Sveta Ryaguzova from Lipetsk. Cost is 37,620 rubles. The girl is 11 years old, and she already has made great strides in combating her disease. Help Sveta walk on her own feet and to forget the wheelchair.