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Kostya Ryzhkov

Kostya Ryzhkov

Age, from: 14, Lipetsk region

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy

Due to a childbirth injury Kostya suffered a damaged cervical spine. The child’s entire right side was immediately paralyzed. The situation was complicated by postnatal jaundice, which was not recognized and treated in time. Kostya now leads a sedentary life, he can’t run, jump, ride a bike. The best gift for the New Year and his borthday which is January 1 would be a Magic electric treadmill which costs 31,480 rubles. Let’s make a sick child happy in the new year!

Help rendered

Paid 31,480 rubles for treadmill.

Incoming donations

25.12.2012 — Анонимно, 500р
25.12.2012 — Хрипунков А.В., 10000р
25.12.2012 — Павел, 15000р
25.12.2012 — Ряскина Т.А., 1000р
23.12.2012 — Царьков Иван ( Assist ), 1000р
19.12.2012 — ЗАО Липецкстальмеханизация, 5000р
18.12.2012 — Вера Томилина ( Assist ), 1000р




On New Year's dreams come true

Kostya Ryzhkov is disabled since childhood. His birthday is on January 1 and the most cherished gift for him on the New Year’s and birthday would be a special treadmill to exercise at home. And thanks to you, our valued sponsors and donors, the dream of the child has come true. Kostya is now one step closer to recovery. He will be able to engage in rehabilitation at home. This is a nice Christmas gift!


Fundraising for a Magic treadmill for Kostya Ryzhkov

Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth» (Moscow, Russia) asks all concerned to help a disabled child realize his dream. The boy just wants to be able to walk down the street and enjoy life without help of his mother. January 1 is his birthday. The best gift for the New Year and his birthday would be an electric treadmill which costs 31,480 rubles, something his mother simply can’t affort. Help fulfill the dream of a sick child!