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Amir Salikhov

Amir Salikhov

Age, from: 5 years old, Makhachkala

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy

Amir is lagging behind his peers in development. Financial position of his family does not allow to fully engage in its treatment. Cerebral Palsy is a terrible disease that requires a lot of effort and long-term treatment, but with the proper rehabilitation the child has the potential to become a healthy human being. Amir is now required to undergo treatment at the Speech Pathology Clinic at the cost of 50,000 rubles. Help the child!

Help rendered

Donated 50,000 rubles for treatment.

Incoming donations

12.08.2012 — Никитина О.С., 5000р
25.06.2012 — Небога А.. ( Assist ), 1000р
24.06.2012 — Разепова Л.С. ( Assist ), 300р
22.06.2012 — Муталибов Р.. ( Assist ), 500р
01.06.2012 — webmoney ( Канцыреева Анна ), 25$
25.04.2012 — webmoney ( Martini ), 7000р
15.04.2012 — webmoney ( Кабацкий Артем ), 2940р
09.04.2012 — webmoney ( Канцыреева Анна ), 50$
22.03.2012 — webmoney, 185р
14.03.2012 — webmoney ( Интернет лотерея ), 200$




Finished collection of donations for Amir Salikhov

Charitable Foundation for Children "Children of Earth" finishes collecting donations for the treatment of Amir Salikhov. We thank all our donors who helped us raise funds. The treatment will be paid for shortly and the child will travel to the clinic.


Help a child overcome disease

Charitable Foundation for Children "Children of Earth" begins collecting donations for Amir Salikhov. The child has cerebral palsy, he is born disabled. Amir needs to undergo rehabilitation in the speech pathology clinic at the cost of 50,000 rubles. Help the boy become a healthier person!