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Vlada Samsonova

Vlada Samsonova

Age, from: age 5, Moscow

Diagnosis: spastic tetraparesis

t Vlada was born with congenital disorders. The girl's parents are treating her daughter right from the birth. The family has tried many different methods, but the most helpful in the rehabilitation of the girl is the therapeutic complex Reatsentr in Samara. Vlada has already passed the three courses of treatment, and she has shown improvements. The child began to talk, sit up in the bed. Now the girl must undergo another medical treatment, cost 27,950 rubles.

Help rendered

Paid for treatment in Reatsentr LLC, Samara, cost 27,950 rubles




Fully paid for treatment of Vlada Samsonova

t Today we paid for treatment of Vlada Samsonova in Reatsentr LLC, Samara, at the cost of 27,950 rubles. This is made possible by our regular contributor and friend Vitaly, whom we express our profound gratitude for his continued support of our wards. Fundraising for Vlada Samsonova is now closed.


Raising funds for Vlada Samsonova

t Today we open a fundraiser for the treatment of Samsonova Vlada in Samara Reatsentr, a cost of 27,950 rubles. Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis. We ask you to respond to another's grief, and to render any assistance possible in the treatment of girls!