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Misha Savkov

Misha Savkov

Age, from: 18, Lipetsk

Diagnosis: refractive amblyopia

Misha lives in a large family with four children. The boy has a serious eyesight problem and attends a specialized school because of it. The family can not afford the treatment of Misha who urgently needs an operation on his eyes. The parents have high expectations about this surgery, they believe that their son will be able to see the world and live without restrictions. The cost of the operation is just 50,000 rubles. Help Misha restore eyesight!

Help rendered

Paid 50,000 rubles for treatment.

Incoming donations

24.04.2014 — webmoney, 12р
24.04.2014 — ИП Гвоздев Д.В., 50000р
23.04.2014 — ALEXEY NEBOGA, 7600р
23.04.2014 — ALEXEY NEBOGA, 600р




Finished collecting donations for Misha Savkov

In just two days we were able to raise the necessary funds for the surgery for Misha Savkov from Lipetsk. The boy’s treatment has already been paid off. We wish to thank our donors who quickly helped the sick child.


Help a child restore vision

Misha Savkov from Lipetsk has refractive amblyopia. The boy is being raised in a large family and his parents cannot afford the surgery for his son. The cost of the operation is 50,000 rubles. Help Misha see the world!