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Sergey Sergeev

Sergey Sergeev

Age, from: 10 years old, Yelets, Lipetsk region

Diagnosis: acute lymphoblastic leukemia

t Very soon the boy was tragically lost his father. Child-rearing, rested on the shoulders of his mother. Then came a new trouble. Sergei ill. He put the terrible diagnosis - leukemia. It was the beginning of a painful, arduous journey of resistance death! Sergei went through chemotherapy, he received hormones and droppers. Four times suffered anesthesia. Every two weeks, took a lumbar puncture. Regular blood transfusions. Boy every day fighting for his life. Now his condition has stabilized. He is under the constant supervision of doctors. Lead a normal life beyond him, he is forced to wear a mask. At the moment, the boy is not enough communication. He lives in a confined space. But Sergei is a cherished dream that my mother may not realize - is the computer. Purchased a computer worth 23,894 rubles.