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Ivan Sevidov

Ivan Sevidov

Age, from: 2 years, Tambov

Diagnosis: heart disease

Immediately after Ivan's birth doctors discovered a heart defect. The boy had to undergo several complex heart operations. He had an artifical valve implanted in his heart. The surgery was successful, and the family now has hope for recovery of their son. Correct operation of the valve requires constant testing of blood clotting and the drug Varfin. Vanya urgently needs blood test strips worth 27,500 rubles. Please help the child!

Help rendered

Purchased test strips for 27,500 rubles

Incoming donations

20.01.2012 — Интернет - казино, 461.25$
19.01.2012 — EVGENIY GRACHEV ( Assist ), 3900р
19.01.2012 — Захарова Д.С., 1000р




Collected money for the test strips for Vanya Sevidovа

Charitable Foundation for Children "Children of Earth" цшыруы to thank all our friends and donors for their help in raising funds for special test strips for checking blood clotting for our Vanya who has a serious heart disease. Thenks for your support!


Test strips for checking blood clotting needed urgently

Charitable Foundation for Children "Children of Earth" begins collecting money to buy test strips for Ivan Sevidov from Tambov. The boy has a heart defect and he needs constant testing to check blood clotting and adjust drug dosage. Please help the child!