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Nastya Shamanina

Nastya Shamanina

Age, from: 21 months, Nizhny Novgorod region

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy

Nastya was born in a medical family, my father a doctor, mother a nurse. Immediately after the birth brain damage occurred as a consequence of cerebral palsy. Now the girl is unable to sit, crawl or walk. Nastya's family leaves no attempts to cure his daughter and is constantly engaged in her treatment. The girl is undergoing therapy, massage, exercise therapy, IRT, hippotherapy. Nastya now needs to undergo treatment at the center of A. V. Padko in Ukraine worth 31,600 rubles. Help the sick child!

Help rendered

Paid for treatment in the Padko clinic, cost 31,600 rubles.

Incoming donations

07.07.2011 — webmoney, 1000р
14.06.2011 — Гюльметова З.Г., 2000р
02.06.2011 — Малашук Т.В., 2000р
10.05.2011 — Помазанова А.В., 600р
23.04.2011 — YURIY NAUMOV ( Assist ), 1500р
04.04.2011 — TIMUR ZAYNULLIN ( Assist ), 10000р
18.03.2011 — ANDREY SAVITSKIY ( Assist ), 1500р




Paid for treatment of Nastya Shamanina

We have fully paid for treatment of Nastya Shamanina in the Padko center, cost 31 600 rubles. We thank all the donors who have helped in raising funds for the treatment of girls. To Nastya we wish success and more smiles. Get well!


Fundraiser for treatment Nastya Shamanina is now open

Children of the Earth Foundation opens the collection of funds for rehabilitation of Nastya in the center of A. V. Padko, cost 31,600 rubles. Girl is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Please help!