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Ivan Shatov

Ivan Shatov

Age, from: 4 years, Lipetsk

Diagnosis: epilepsy

Ivan was a very welcome child, but due to doctors' negligence became disabled. Problems at birth resulted in severe asphyxia. After this tragic event the child's life consists of hospitals, injections, and rehabilitation centers. In order to hinder the advance of epilepsy a very expensive drug is required which is manufactured only in Finland. Now Ivan requires urgent hospitalization to LLC "Reatsentr." The treatment costs 25,200 rubles, and is in our power to help him.

Help rendered

Paid 25,200 rubles for treatment of Ivan in Reatsentr LLC

Incoming donations

19.04.2012 — Чучилин А.Н., 1000р
19.04.2012 — ООО "А-Софт", 1000р
13.04.2012 — Сергей, 1000р
11.04.2012 — Assist ( анонимно ), 16000р
11.04.2012 — webmoney ( Интернет лотерея ), 250$
05.04.2012 — Интернет - казино, 333.01$




Fundraising for Ivan Shatov finished

Charitable Foundation for Children "Children of Earth" thanks donors who helped pay for the treatment of Ivan. Treatment costs will be paid with raised money in the near future. We wish Ivan success in combating the disease, and a speedy recovery.


Collecting donations for the treatment of Ivan Shatov

Charitable Foundation for Children "Children of Earth" begins collecting donations for the treatment of Ivan Shatov from Lipetsk. The treatment costs 25,200 rubles. The child has epilepsy. We ask all the compassionate and concerned people to respond. Help Ivan defeat the disease.