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Schelkonogov Leonid

Schelkonogov Leonid

Age, from: 21 years old, Kamensk-Ural

Diagnosis: traumatic brain disease

t In 2003, Leon went on a bike for the flowers to the country by September 1. On the way back he was hit a car that raced at breakneck speed. The boy flew at the hood of the car and hit the windshield. In the hospital he was taken in a deep coma with severe brain injury brain. Lenya connected to the ventilator, he did not react to sounds and motion. Twice boy rehabilitated in St. Petersburg at the Institute of Human Brain. Treatment in this clinic was very helpful. Lenya was wiggling his hands, he recovered his hearing. Urgent need regular medical treatment in St. Petersburg worth 110,000 rubles. Mom raises her son alone. Her financial situation does not allow his son the necessary treatment. Paid for treatment at the clinic of the Institute of Human Brain RAS, Saint-Petersburg in the amount of 110,000 rubles.