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Nastya Schepkina

Nastya Schepkina

Age, from: 2 years old, Kemerovo

Diagnosis: severe myoclonic epileptic encephalopathy

t From 6 months the child is on disability. Pregnancy was uneventful, but birth was difficult and prolonged. My daughter was born on 1 / 5 points by Apgar. Two weeks she lay in intensive care. At home we began to do her massage, go swimming, go to the chiropractor. Nastia now holds the crown, smiling, standing on legs and beating his hands on toys. We have a huge desire to put his daughter on his feet. Through the Internet we found the Center for New Medical Technologies. After treatment Nastia were first victory over the disease. I can not afford the treatment Nasti. My parents - retirees who receive small pensions. Therefore appeal to people who are able to help me in treating my Nastya. We now need to undergo treatment in the Center of New Medical Technologies, Novosibirsk cost 50,500 rubles. Paid for treatment of Nastya in Novosibirsk cost 50,500 rubles.