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Matvey Struzhik

Matvey Struzhik

Age, from: 13, Karelia

Diagnosis: brain damage

From a letter from Matvey’s mother: Matvey was born a healthy boy but as he was growing up I began to notice that my son does not speak, does not understand speech. Somewhere around age 3 my son was diagnosed with autism. We went to different doctors including the Bekhterev Institute, but Matvey’s speech and understanding speech developed slowly. Matvey needs to undergo treatment worth 134,760 rubles. Help the sick child!

Help rendered

Collected 134,760 rubles for treatment.

Incoming donations

02.05.2018 — Кузнецов Дмитрий , 500р
23.04.2018 — Смирнов Виталий , 124000р
21.04.2018 — Чаплыгин Алексей , 500р
16.04.2018 — Ибраев Иван , 50р
05.04.2018 — Малацковская Ирина , 200р
29.03.2018 — webmoney онлайн казино, 150$
28.03.2018 — Кабельская Ольга , 1000р
28.03.2018 — ахметзянов ришат , 500р
24.03.2018 — Л Вячеслав , 100р




Collected donations for the treatment of Matvey Struzhik

Charitable Foundation for children Children of Earth has paid 134,760 rubles for the treatment of Matthew. We thank everyone for their help in raising funds, and we wish Matvey speedy recovery.


Help a sick child

Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» opens the collection of donations to pay for the treatment of Matvey Struzhik from the Republic of Karelia. Treatment requires 134,760 rubles. Help the sick child!