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Yegor Stukolov

Yegor Stukolov

Age, from: 6, Lipetsk

Diagnosis: central nervous system damage

Yegor was born a healthy boy and stayed healthy until the age of 1 year, but after the third DTP vaccination the child lost speech. The parents of Yegor are doing all they can to restore the boy’s speech, there are some successes, but rehabilitation must continue without interruption. Currently Yegor needs to undergo a course of rehabilitation treatment in the clinic of Professor Skvortsov worth 70,850 rubles. Help the sick child!

Help rendered

Paid 70,850 rubles for treatment.

Incoming donations

20.05.2014 — Иванов И.И., 7000р
15.05.2014 — Денежкин В.П., 500р
14.05.2014 — YURIY BERBENETS, 5000р
11.05.2014 — Руднев А.В. , 1000р
11.05.2014 — Коваленко Т.В., 3000р
08.05.2014 — Маркова Е.В. , 2650р
03.05.2014 — ЗАО "БИСт", 2000р
24.04.2014 — Корлыханов А.А., 5000р
24.04.2014 — Сидорова О.Г., 1000р
12.04.2014 — Маркова Е.В., 1200р
09.04.2014 — ООО "Мехколонна-1", 10000р
08.04.2014 — Интернет-казино, 280.37$
06.04.2014 — Еремина О.С. , 1000р
06.04.2014 — ООО "ТД Металлопрокат", 20850р
06.04.2014 — ЗАО "Липецкстальмеханизация", 5000р
04.04.2014 — ALEXEY NEBOGA, 500р




Paid of treatment of Yegor Stukolov

Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth» closes the collection of donations of Yegor Stukolov. We thank our donors for their assistance in organizing the collection of donations. Thank you all!


Collecting donations for Yegor Stukolov

Moscow Foundation for sick children «children of Earth» begins collecting donations for treatment of Yegor Stukolov of Lipetsk. The boy currently needs treatment which costs 70,850 rubles. Diagnosis: lesion of the central nervous system. Help the sick child!