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Alexey Terpugov

Alexey Terpugov

Age, from: 7 years old, Lipetsk

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy

t Alyosha's whole life is - a struggle with his illness: hospitals, health centers, 2 operations in Tula by the method Uzilbata. As a result, the child taught to sit, crawl, talk, the only thing he can not - walk independently. The sanatorium "Kaluga-Bor Alyosha learned to walk on crutches. Doctors give optimistic predictions, but we need three times a year to undergo treatment in a sanatorium. Stay a child free of charge, you must pay for the room attendant, it's 19,208 rubles (1 Course - 2 months). Made accompanying payment of expenses in the amount of 19,208 rubles. Made accompanying payment of expenses in the sum of 6,993 rubles.