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Daniil Trushnikov

Daniil Trushnikov

Age, from: 3, Kirov region

Diagnosis: CNS damage

The birth was difficult because the child was born large. The family of the boy is complete but they are from the countryside and have problems visiting recommended specialists such as speech pathologists, psychologists, and even simple massage. Daniil needs to be monitored regularly by a doctor and treated. At the moment, the child requires medical treatment in Reatsentr which costs 64,950 rubles. Help a sick child!

Help rendered

Collected 64,950 rubles for treatment.

Incoming donations

02.07.2015 — webmoney, 88.88$
27.06.2015 — webmoney, 8.88$
12.06.2015 — Яндекс Деньги, 1000р
01.06.2015 — webmoney, 3.88$
01.06.2015 — Через Киви, 1000р
31.05.2015 — webmoney, 1.88$
30.05.2015 — Александрова С.С., 50000р
29.05.2015 — Онлайн казино, 150$
27.05.2015 — Леунин Вячеслав , 300р




Collected funds for treatment of Daniil Trushnikov

Moscow Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» has collected necessary funds for treatment of a sick child. A huge thank you to all our supporters for help.


Raising funds for DaniIl Trushnikova

Moscow charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth» asks for help in raising funds to pay for treatment of a sick child. We need to collect 64,950 rubles. All the information is on the child’s personal page.